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Perfecting The Pivot

It's important to take time to ponder the pivot!

A necessary step for every business, relationship, and personal life success.

An integral step to be... and stay... successful.

In this video mini-course, you'll be guided through practical examples with simple checklists, notes, and quick quizzes to help you discern if it's time to make a change. You’ll get super-clear on what your next steps should be and implementing a pivot will be made easier as you follow my 5 Step Path To Perfecting The Pivot.

This mini-course isn’t for anyone who wants to stay the same and not rock-the-boat, but if you’re sensing it's time for change, this course could be just what you need to, direct your decision-making and guide your follow-through.

Beyond the decision-making, I’ll guide you as an entrepreneur, Leader, CEO or work-from-home mom, through my 5 Step Path To Perfecting The Pivot to help you implement the pivot in your business, ministry, leadership, or private life.

The Cousse Includes 6 Modules

Lesson #1 - What Does It Mean To Pivot?
Lesson #2 - Markers For Knowing When To Pivot
Lesson #3 - So You Think You Should Pivot?
Lesson #4 - Implementing the Pivot and my 5 Step Path To Perfecting The Pivot
Wrap Up with a special offer.

Mini-Course is $47 CDN*

Modules for this product 6

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